Dump Trailer Hauling


Semi dump trailer hauling makes up a large part of Cason Transport’s core business.  These versatile units are dispatched out of our main location. A number of these trailers are capable of transporting palletized freight.

These trailers are hauled by drivers who are specifically trained for this service. Many have overweight permits.


  • Framed and frameless
  • Aluminum and steel
  • 38 – 42 foot long
  • 96 – 102 inch width
  • 60 – 66 inch tall sides
  • Lined and unlined
  • Two-way gates
  • Closed tandems and 10 foot 2 inch spread axles water-tight tarps

A Semi Dump Trailer is used for hauling materials both in and out of a project or location. With a 20 ton weight limit it is useful for heavy materials that might overwhelm smaller trucks. Typically dump trailers are used to haul stone and sand onto a project. Soil, concrete, clay, brick, and block are all typical materials this trailer might haul off a job.

  • Upwards of 20 cubic yard capacity.
  • More cost efficient for heavier loads with a weight limit of 20 tons.
  • Great for stone, sand, or other heavy materials being brought into a job,
  • Great for dirt, clay, concrete, brick, block, or any mix being brought off the job.

Cason Dump Trailer